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Electric Vacuum Cleaner / Foot Exfoliator

Electric Vacuum Cleaner / Foot Exfoliator

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Electrical outlet

🦶 Elevate your foot care routine with our Dead Skin and Calluses Remover! This versatile tool in white or black is designed for a pedicure bliss. Has an LCD Digital Display, a waterproof rating of Level 7 and is made from eco-friendly ABS material; it's a must-have!

📦 What's included?

  • Host X1
  • Power cord X1
  • Coarse/medium/fine grinding head X1
  • Grinding head clamp X1
  • Dust cover X1
  • Cleaning brush X1
  • Neutral manual X1
  • Neutral color box X1

Give your feet the pampering they deserve – order now!

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